About us

Corporate Vision and Development

The motto “made to measure” is exemplified by the development and transformation of Winson Group for over three decades.

The Group was initially a small-scale enterprise when it was founded back in 1983, whose business was mainly focused on professional environmental hygiene and pest control services.

At the heart of the Group’s services was the sincerity of co-founder Mr. Johnny Sze and Ms. Sandy Ng, striving to cater to the needs of customers with the same passion and principle when taking care of one’s family, thus ensuring each and every type of service provided to be detail-oriented and meticulous. Such perseverance has continued to improve our services and win commendations of customers.

As Hong Kong was developing and people’s aspirations for their living standard heightened, Winson Group has launched more tailor-made services by reckoning what customers would desire and with the intention that every aspect of people’s life being attended to. These new offerings were an enhancement of the original environmental hygiene services to bring additional value to customers, thereby providing comfortable, high-quality working and living environment.

With some 30 years of solid experience, Winson Group now boasts herself as a brand for premium services majoring in the business sector of environmental hygiene and pest management that is highly regarded by customers and industry counterparts. Coupled with flexibility, innovation and vitality, Winson Group has managed to stand out from the crowd.

The Group has transformed from a small-scale company into today’s enterprise with a mix of business sectors comprising environmental hygiene services, pest management, airline catering support services. The Group’s operations covering an extensive clientele including property developers, real estate project investors, public utilities, public transport systems, airline catering units etc.

  • Milestone

    Set out below is a summary of the major milestones of the Group’s development:
    • Year
    • 1983
      Madam Ng and Mr. Sze founded Winson Cleaning, which was initially established as a cleaning service provider.
    • 1993
      Winson Pest Control was established to provide pest control services.
    • 1996
      The Group was first awarded a Tender Contract from a mass transit transportation operator in Hong Kong for provision of environmental hygiene services.
    • 2000
      The Group first obtained ISO 9001 accreditation from TÜV Rheinland.
    • 2001
      The Group first obtained ISO 14001 accreditation from TÜV Rheinland.
    • 2002
      The annual revenue Winson Cleaning first exceeded HK$100.0 million.
    • 2007
      The service areaof a single Tender Contract of the Group for provision of environmental hygiene services in a commercial centre first exceeded 1.3 millionsq.ft.
    • 2008
      The Group first obtained OHSAS 18001: 2007 accreditation from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.
    • 2011
      The annual revenue of Winson Cleaning first exceeded HK$200.0 million.
    • 2013
      The Group commenced the provision of airline catering support services.
    • 2014
      The annual revenue of Winson Cleaning first exceeded HK$300.0 million.
    • 2014
      The Group was awarded certificate of appreciation of employing people with disabilities by Selective Placement Division Labour Department.
    • 2015
      The Group was awarded Honorary Certificate 2015 for 3 years of excellence performance during the sustainability projects and management process by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association.
    • 2016
      The Group was awarded 2016/17 Caring Company (5 Years+) by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.
    • 2016
      The Group’s annual revenue first exceeded HK$400.0 million.
  • Core Value

    The relationship with our customers and take pride in our belief of being trustworthy, professional, proactive and socially responsible.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to deliver impeccable and high quality services of good value to our customers through our professional teams, with emphasis on environmental protection and corporate responsibility.

  • Vision

    We strive to provide one-stop solution of environmental hygiene and related living environment care services to customers, thereby becoming a leading one in the market.

Corporate Management

The most critical success factor is visionary, highly-effective and, efficient enterprise management. Winson Group has formed six functional committees, with the Executive Management Committee (EMC) at the core, to formulate development directives and ensure that all departments will implement relevant policies at the same pace. The EMC is tasked to set the long-term development strategies and directives for the Group, while effectively plan allocates and utilises resources. Responsible for monitoring the other committees to guarantee the highest level of operating efficiency and consistency in executing the Group’s directives, members of this committee comprise the senior management team, and heads of various departments and functional units.

EMCExecutive Management Committee

Members of the EMC comprise the senior management, and the heads of different departments and functional units. Besides focusing on the strategic planning of the Group, the EMC is also responsible for the effective allocation and use of resources to implement policies in line with corporate development directives. Its role also includes monitoring the other committees to ensure high operating standards.

SWCStaff Welfare Committee

The SWC was established to work for the benefits and welfare of the general staff and to provide a channel for them to communicate with the executive rank. The SWC is responsible for organizing recreational activities to foster relationships amongst colleagues and to install a sense of belonging and loyalty. The SWC also endeavours to create training opportunities for staff by organizing seminars and workshops on occupational health and safety and updated industry knowledge.

SCSustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee (SC) is formed particularly for reviewing current systems and operations in various departments, and performing inter-department work coordination and cooperation. Besides, the Committee is commissioned to proposing forward thinking, new business development directions with study of the market and its trends, such as updates and latest demand found in eco sector, synergy and complementary leads businesses in Hong Kong, corresponding adjustment on the Group’s branding, and etc.

OHSCOccupational Health & Safety Committee

The OHSC determines to create and promote a safe and healthy working environment for staff, customers and the public by ensuring occupational health and safety practices are adopted by the Group. This is achieved through training, close monitoring and the coaching of staff.

EPCEnvironmental Protection Committee

Working closely with Green groups and trade associations, the EPC was established to ascertain that the Group operates in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Committee is also responsible for educating staff by providing updated information of environmental issues through seminars and workshops.

SSCSocial Services Committee

The SSC ensures the Group follows The Caring Company guidelines and to fulfill its corporate and social responsibility. This is accomplished through active participation in charitable events and helping the needy group such as visiting the elderly and participating charity walks, etc.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Customer Satisfaction

For servicing industry with human as the main concern, it is vital to have an independent, comprehensive quality assurance mechanism in order to maintain high level of service, in which rule-of-man style and subjectivity in the old days can be eliminated. In view of this, Winson Group has established an evaluation mechanism with mutual assessment by internal and external teams of professionals audits. In order to achieve a set standard of service and customers’ satisfaction, our work is monitored and reviewed in various aspects including provision of resources, training, infrastructure and working environment, with customers’ expectation as the foundation. For services that are not up to high standard, remedial action will be advised and implemented with continuous improvement follow-through. Also, preventive measure will be formulated as future guidelines.

Our Partners

Upholding the spirit of service with sincerity and concern for people, Winson Group has been committed to providing high quality, professional service to customers for over three decades and won very good reputation among customers not only from Hong Kong, but also customers from enterprise of other cities.

Our customers are from a wide range of industries and business sectors including property developers, real estate project investors, governmental departments, public sector corporations & utilities, commercial grade A offices, residential and shopping mall projects, luxury brands, private clubs, service apartment projects, and etc.