• Winson Holdings Hong Kong

    Environmental hygiene services

    With more than three decades of experience and a staff of several thousands members in specialist cleaning services, Winson Cleaning Service Co. Ltd. (WCS) is committed to providing a wide array of environmental hygiene services covering virtually every kind of customer needs. Its tailor-made services, which are characterised by both comprehensiveness and flexibility, have shaped WCS into a highly trustworthy brand. Part of this trust stemmed from an elite and dedicated team, and a customer-oriented service culture.

    The Company has clientele covering large-scale residential, commercial and shopping complexes, public utilities, transportation systems, and government bodies. Over the years, WCS has been strengthening its specialty in environmental hygiene services to include :

    • Building and all kinds of properties and furniture cleaning
    • Exterior and curtain wall cleaning
    • Carpark cleaning
    • Waste collection and recycling
    • Stone care and maintenance
    • Carpet care and maintenance
  • Winson Holdings Hong Kong

    Pest management

    Putting public health and environmental quality at the forefront, Winson Professional Pest Control Co. Ltd. (WPP) is committed to providing comprehensive pest control solutions to a wide range of customers, including government departments, educational institutes, public utilities, transportation systems, and residential, commercial and shopping complexes. While the clientele comes from a variety of sectors and industries, WPP’s service offerings are as diverse as one can imagine, from pest control, rodent control, termite control, mosquito control, disinfecting service, fogging treatment, to the supply of relevant products and equipment.

    Being an eco-friendly corporatation, WPP adopts Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to ensure that the environment is safe enough for customers and the public in general by minimising the extent of ecological imbalance and potential damages to the surroundings through stringent sources elimination and inspection, rather than using toxic chemicals as the only pest control method.

    Service team are professionally trained and have experienced the industry elite, in order to provide customers with the best service plan.

    Also being a member of Hong Kong Pest Management Association (HKPMA), the company is committed to the Association Constitution and code of practices.

  • Winson Holdings Hong Kong

    Airline catering support services

    In order to diversify the Group’s services, since 2013, Winson Cleaning has been providing airline catering support services at flight kitchens of airline catering operators in Hong Kong which require a higher hygiene standard for their kitchens and food preparation in general.

    For the provision of airline catering support services, staff are responsible for the handling of food and non-food items, including the plating of meals, checking and tray-setting food and non-food items onto meal tray, inserting completed meal trays into meal carts and transporting the meal carts manually or through automated systems to the designated areas as instructed by the customers. The Group also provides equipment packing services for one of its customers. These services include covering the dry store packing, cutleries scanning and packing, internal logistic for equipment flow. Customers of catering services primarily include airline catering operators in Hong Kong.