“Made to Measure” is exemplified by the development and transformation of Winson Holdings Hong Kong (WHHK) for over three decades.

The Group was initially a small-scale enterprise when it was founded back in 1983, whose business was mainly focused on professional environmental hygiene and pest control services. At the heart of the Group’s services was the sincerity of the group’s co-founders, striving to cater to the needs of customers with the same passion and principle when taking care of one’s family, thus ensuring each and every type of service provided to be detail-oriented and meticulous. Such perseverance has continued to improve our services and win commendations of customers.

As Hong Kong was developing and people’s aspirations for their living standard heightened, WHHK has launched more tailor-made services by reckoning what customers would desire and with the intention that every aspect of people’s life being attended to. These new offerings were an enhancement of the original environmental hygiene services to bring additional value to customers, thereby providing comfortable, high-quality working and living environment.

With some 30 years of solid experience, the Group now boasts herself as a brand for premium services majoring in the business sector of environmental hygiene and pest management that is highly regarded by customers and industry counterparts. Coupled with flexibility, innovation and vitality, WHHK has managed to stand out from the crowd.

The Group has transformed from a small-scale company into today’s enterprise with a mix of business sectors comprising environmental hygiene services, pest management services and airline catering support services. The Group’s operations covering an extensive clientele including developers, real estate project investors, public utilities, public transport systems, airline catering operators, etc.