Putting public health and environmental quality at the forefront, Winson Professional Pest Control Company Limited (WPP) is committed to providing comprehensive pest control solutions to a wide range of customers, including government departments, educational institutes, public utilities, transportation systems, and residential, commercial and shopping complexes. While the clientele comes from a variety of sectors and industries, Pest Management Services include indoor pest management and rodent prevention and control services that involve spraying of pesticides and fogging treatment, etc. The relevant pesticides that WPP uses are registered under the corresponding ordinance.

Being an eco-friendly corporation, WPP also adopts integrated pest management to ensure that the environment is safe enough for customers and the public in general by minimizing the extent of ecological imbalance and potential damages to the surroundings through stringent sources elimination and inspection, rather than using toxic chemicals as the only pest control method. Service teams are professionally trained and consist of experienced industry elite, in order to provide customers the best service plan.