The Group was initially a small-scale enterprise when it was founded back in 1983, whose business was mainly focused on professional environmental hygiene and pest control services.

At the heart of the Group’s services was the sincerity of the group’s co-founders, striving to cater to the needs of customers with the same passion and principle when taking care of one’s family, thus ensuring each and every type of service provided to be detail-oriented and meticulous. Such perseverance has continued to improve our services and win commendations of customers.


    With more than three decades of experience and a staff of thousands members in specialist cleaning services, Winson Cleaning Service Company Limited (WCS) is committed to providing a wide array of Environmental Hygiene Services covering virtually every kind of customer needs.


    Putting public health and environmental quality at the forefront, Winson Professional Pest Control Company Limited (WPP) is committed to providing comprehensive pest control solutions to a wide range of customers, including government departments, educational institutes,

  • Airline catering support services

    In order to diversify the Group’s services, since 2013, Winson Cleaning has been providing Airline Catering Support Services at flight kitchens of airline catering operators in Hong Kong which require a higher hygiene standard for their kitchens and food preparation in general.