Winson Holdings Hong Kong has successfully undergone the transfer of listing from GEM to the Main Board in June 2020


The Company has successfully transferred the listing of its shares from GEM to the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) in June 2020 under the stock code 6812, which is a particularly remarkable achievement amidst all the turmoil’s in FY2020. The Group will work its best to deliver quality customer services and financial results for the interest of all our stakeholders.

The Group will aim at expanding its service offerings to existing customers to enhance revenue base and operational efficiency. Overall, despite the present less than favorable market condition, the general business outlook of the Group remains positive in the medium to long term. At the employees and training policies, in order to provide quality services to customers, the Group provides ongoing training regularly to relevant staff across different departments with topics including but not limited to information technology, environmental protection, ISO training, safety training as well as trainings for supervisory roles, etc.